The on line registrations must be completed by November 21, 2017 in order to avoid the additional increase in pricing!

Your two page signed registration form must be completed and in the OYA Ski Club mail box located outside the Oxford Municipal Building (lower level) no later than November 30th. 

Oxford Municipal Building (Lower level)
Mailbox on wall outside of building
11 Green Street
Oxford NJ 07863

Please forward this email to anyone in our area that may be interested in joining the club: High school & middles school students as well as surrounding towns.  You DO NOT need to live in Oxford to participate.

We know everyone enjoys this club and with rising costs in everything we are trying to maintain the same costs this year so please help make our fundraiser a success.

If you have any questions please contact the coordinator, Kiki Frasca by email at:

2018 Oxford Ski Club Info

2018 Registration Doc

​MARCH is coming is like a Lion!!!!

Great news, the majority of the club is available, so we are going to Shawnee this

We would like to extend the invite to your friends & family members that have thought about joining our club and want to check us out or just want to come up for the day, so please help spread the word simply by forwarding the attached invite and coupons and posting on social media!

The bus will leave OCS at 1:00 pm all club members must be there by 12:45 for check in please.

All family members and friends are invited to join us and attached is a coupon that you can all redeem in GROUP SALES office which is located before the footbridge at the entrance of the parking lot.

For those that are new, you can meet us at Shawnee we sit upstairs in the lodge and simply look for our Oxford Ski & Snowboard club banner.  We should arrive by 1:45   

You can meet us at the mountain or car pool from OCS.  Unfortunately there is not enough space on the bus for extras but if you are having difficulty driving up please let me know and I can check to see what room we do have or who you can car pool with 

You can also go up early and buy passes starting at 9 am, the club will arrive at 1:45

We still stay until 7:00 pm departure, and be back at OCS by 7:45/8:00  pm since we are heading up early.  Which means all members check back inside the lodge at 6:30 pm and we are in the parking lot leaving by 7 pm.  Sounds fun!?!?

Let’s go enjoy the day, fresh snow and some sunshine!!!!

Stay safe and lets hope this storm bring lots of snow and no power outages 😊

***For club members: please be advised that Make up vouchers cannot be used on Sunday, they are only allowed for club members only on non club days.  All club members will use their badges through the club for lift & rentals.

Kiki Frasca 

Pride in our youth with Hope in their Future

Follow US

Please be advised that ski club for Friday, March 2 is cancelled.

Shawnee will be
CLOSED tomorrow due to the bad weather expected with this Destructive nor Eastern winter storm Riley heading our way.
With that being said we are limited with when to make up our last ski club trip..  I am afraid if we wait until Next Friday, March 9th the weather may also be bad and we will not get it in. 

So we came up with this idea:

Who would be available to go to Shawnee this Sunday, March 4th?     We can depart from OCS around 1:00 pm and head back home around 5:00/6:00 pm  (these are tentative times)
We only have one trip to complete our season of 6 weeks and they are expecting snow after this storm on Saturday.  If that is the case, we can have an awesome day and take advantage of some fresh powder.
Although this is a busier time frame I was able to get Shawnee to allow a weekend day and we can take advantage of some daylight skiing & boarding which can be nice for a change 😊
Please reply only back to me( if your child can or cannot make the trip on Sunday and if they can make Friday, March 9th
Simply can write the child’s name & Sunday, Friday or both. 
What we can also do is invite families to join us on the mountain on Sunday and make it a fun “family day”  Whether you have never skied or snowboarded and always wanted to, now is your chance!  Let me know if you want to do that and I can get us some discounted lift and rental passes for all those to purchase.
The chaperones will gather information and make the final decision by tomorrow night.
Wishing everyone stay safe and is prepared for the storm that can bring some power outages to our area.  Get your ShopRite milk & toilet paper run in today!!! lol

Stay safe,
Kiki Frasca