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Pride in our youth with Hope in their Future


The OYA will continue to meet on 3rd Monday of every month at 7 p.m. The meetings will be held at the Oxford Municipal Building on the bottom floor in the back entrance. The building is located at 11 Green Street, Oxford, NJ 07863.

 Congratulations to our Oxford Diamondbacks, 2017 Champions.

It’s time to think Spring !! Softball season is about to start.

We will be holding Softball signups on Tuesday Feb 6 from 6:30-8:00 pm on the lower floor of the Oxford Municiple bldg

Congratulations to our championship 7/8th grade BOYS Basketbal Team for brining the trophy back to OXFORD!


​MARCH is coming is like a Lion!!!!

Great news, the majority of the club is available, so we are going to Shawnee this

We would like to extend the invite to your friends & family members that have thought about joining our club and want to check us out or just want to come up for the day, so please help spread the word simply by forwarding the attached invite and coupons and posting on social media!

The bus will leave OCS at 1:00 pm all club members must be there by 12:45 for check in please.

All family members and friends are invited to join us and attached is a coupon that you can all redeem in GROUP SALES office which is located before the footbridge at the entrance of the parking lot.

For those that are new, you can meet us at Shawnee we sit upstairs in the lodge and simply look for our Oxford Ski & Snowboard club banner.  We should arrive by 1:45   

You can meet us at the mountain or car pool from OCS.  Unfortunately there is not enough space on the bus for extras but if you are having difficulty driving up please let me know and I can check to see what room we do have or who you can car pool with 

You can also go up early and buy passes starting at 9 am, the club will arrive at 1:45

We still stay until 7:00 pm departure, and be back at OCS by 7:45/8:00  pm since we are heading up early.  Which means all members check back inside the lodge at 6:30 pm and we are in the parking lot leaving by 7 pm.  Sounds fun!?!?

Let’s go enjoy the day, fresh snow and some sunshine!!!!

Stay safe and lets hope this storm bring lots of snow and no power outages 😊

***For club members: please be advised that Make up vouchers cannot be used on Sunday, they are only allowed for club members only on non club days.  All club members will use their badges through the club for lift & rentals.

Kiki Frasca